Fruit Carving Class in Hilo, Hawaii

During the cold and rainy Vancouver winters, I often head over to Hawaii for at least a month. This year has been no exception, and I’ll be around here until right before Christmas.

This past weekend, I got together with three other ladies who were interested in learning some fruit and vegetable carving skills. We were very lucky to be able to do the fruit carving class from one of their beautiful homes in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Although the weather was a bit cool and the skies were overcast, we managed to have a great time!

For this lesson, we carved some roses into ripe papayas that we picked straight from the trees in the back yard. No one here had done any sort of carving before, so we started with some specific knife techniques, and then went right into trying it out on our fruit.

And here were the results! Great job, everyone!

Now it’s time to go and see what other fruit and vegetables are growing nearby to keep practicing your new-found carving skills!


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