Fun Fruit Carving Inspirations from Hawaii

fruit tractor

One really great thing about being in Hilo, Hawaii, for part of this winter is the ability to have so much fruit on-hand to help provide inspiration for new fruit carving ideas. Being a tropical and beautiful place just like Thailand, you can literally walk down the street, and find a large variety of fruit growing from trees.

At my girlfriend’s place the other day, we walked through her backyard and there were so many different trees with ripe papaya, jackfruit, pomelo, and even rambutan to choose from! ¬†Of course, my mind was working quickly, as I was excited to have more unique muses for some new creations in my remaining week on the Big Island of Hawaii before heading back to Vancouver for the holidays.

After coming across a pomelo tree, I realized that this could make a unique fruit carving. We grabbed some in our little tractor, along with some jackfruit to snack on later, and went on our way back to the house.

After our visit, I brought the pomelo with me and decided to get creative. We were having a small dinner get together on the weekend, and I wanted to make a new centerpiece that would look good, but also taste great and work as a nice appetizer for our meal. Here are the results after a little bit of experimentation.

The lesson? All you need to do is look around you and use your imagination to come up with some fun and unique creations! And being somewhere tropical where fruit literally falls from the sky doesn’t hurt, either.

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