Advanced Carving Lessons in Thailand

I’m just about to wrap up another trip to Thailand, where I spent time with my carving teacher and mentor, Yui, in the beach town of Pattaya. We worked on fine-tuning my advanced fruit and vegetable carving skills further.

I also managed to purchase many more carving knives, along with additional books that have many unique carving creations within¬†their pages. I’m excited to be trying out some new pieces over the coming months, and will make sure to keep everyone posted! The great thing about learning all of these additional advanced skills is the ability to see a picture of anything and then to carve it out of some sort of fruit or vegetable. The opportunities are really endless at this point!

Over the month of February, we worked on a variety of new flowers, animals, and other distinct forms that I’d seen before and was curious about creating. ¬†We worked with Thai pumpkin, taro, carrots, jicama, papaya, and even beets!

On my first day, we started with a new version of a peacock, carved out of a really large piece of taro root.

Taro Carving Before

Unfortunately, I can never find taro as large as this in Vancouver, but will keep trying to seek more out when I’m back in Canada.

Taro Carving In Progress

And once a few hours had passed, here is the finished product!

Taro Peacock Carving After

There were several other creations that I made throughout the month, and you can check out some of my newer items in my fruit and vegetable carving portfolio.

I’m looking forward to sharing my new knowledge when I’m back!

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