Thai Fruit Carvings at a Traditional Wedding

Watermelon Wedding Carving

Last weekend, I went to my niece’s traditional Thai wedding in Bangkok. Even after growing up in Thailand and living there for 25 years before moving to Canada, I’ve only been to one other wedding where they did some of the Thai customs that generally take place during the celebrations.

While doing preparations the night before the ceremony, I sat down with my sisters and other relatives that had arrived early on and began to work on a special carving for their display. I decided to carve their names and roses into watermelon, along with creating a bird from jicama.

Dove and Watermelon Carving

This was turned into a part of the display that was used once the couple was officially declared husband and wife, and wedding guests were then invited to come forward to provide their congratulations. Everyone gathered in a line up, and one by one, poured water over the hands of the bride and groom while passing on either words of wisdom or best wishes for their future.

Overall, it was a very beautiful ceremony and it was wonderful to be a part of my niece’s special day. There were around 400 people in attendance, and I was able to touch base with many relatives that I hadn’t seen for at least 30 years!

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