Latest Fruit Carving Class in Vancouver

Student's Carving Fruit and Vegetables

Last weekend, I held another round of Beginner’s Thai fruit and vegetable carving classes in downtown Vancouver. This time around, I had three students from the Lower Mainland who contacted me to do a class together, as they are a group of friends that have been interested in doing this for awhile. We found a weekend that worked for everyone, and I provided class instruction over two days – with 5 hours on each of Saturday and Sunday.

One of the ladies in particular loves to cook, and has been taking baking and cooking classes of all kinds over the past year. She thought that learning how to make these carvings would complement her current skillset, while the others are creative and also know their way around the kitchen.

It’s great to see how student’s evolve from the beginning of class to the end, along with the creations that they make! Generally, I bring a colourful selection of seasonal¬†fruits and vegetables on which I can teach a variety of skills, including the basics of handling carving knives and then some beginner techniques.

Uncarved fruit and vegetables

I’ll carve along with the class and help everyone out as needed along the way. By the end of the session, it’s fun to see what types of projects can be done by someone that has never carved before!

Student Fruit and Vegetable Carvings

Congratulations to my latest students for receiving their Beginner’s Thai Carving certificates!

If you’re interested in learning more about group or individual fruit and vegetable carving lessons, please contact me. ¬†Classes can be held over most weekends in Vancouver or scheduled in for particular weekdays.

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