Celebrating Loi Krathong in Thailand

As you may now, I’m spending the winter months in Thailand, and have been here for a couple of months now. At the end of November, I celebrated this annual festival with my family in Pattaya, after helping to create many wonderful decorative pieces that were then offered up to float in the river.

Celebrating Loy Kratong

Loi Krathong translates into “Floating Decoration,” and the decorations are made out of lotus-shaped containers created by weaving banana leaves together in a particular way, and adding in incense, flowers, and candles that are lit up before setting them free in the water.

Loy Kratong Offerings

The purpose of this ceremony is to pay respects to the water spirits during the full moon, and has long been a Buddhist tradition in Thailand.

Loy Kratong Festival

One of my sisters is well-known for her intricately produced lotus-containers, and I was lucky to learn from her when making my creation!

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