Valentine’s Day Peacock Centerpiece

Valentine's Day Peacock Napkin and Watermelon Flower Carvings

Looking for something different to spice up your table this Valentine’s Day? I was experimenting with a few different things, and wanted to create a special heartfelt decoration for dinner with my loved one this year.

First, I took a fabric napkin (although a piece of square fabric would do if you didn’t need it to be multi-purpose), and then sewed lace along an edge of it. From there, I shaped the cloth into a peacock and set it into the wine glass.

In the meantime, I carved a couple of flowers out of watermelon, to place alongside the glass and voila! A unique, yet practical, addition to the table on Valentine’s Day!

To learn how to create this and other unique fruit and vegetable carvings and centerpieces, please contact me to sign up for one of my Vancouver Thai carving classes.

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