Sam Chemko Thai CreationsGrowing up in Bangkok, Thailand, Sumonta Chemko (Sam), lived through the bustling city life and culture in the Land of Smiles.  She moved to Canada around 30 years ago and started a family in a small town in Northern British Columbia. After moving to the Greater Vancouver area and then proceeding to travel around the world, she has been back to her home country several times.  Continuing with her love of Thai culture and creative arts, she has taken numerous lessons in the art of Thai fruit and vegetable carving, and is now bringing this back to Canada to share.

A fashion designer and seamstress trained by a Parisian design school with a branch in Bangkok, Sam has always had a creative hand, and the talent to produce beautiful projects out of anything she touches.  Her fruit and vegetable carvings are an amazing extension of this ability, and she is now providing these pieces full-time for weddings, parties, and other special events in the Greater Vancouver area.

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