Special Occasion Watermelon Carving

Watermelon Thai Fruit Carving

Have you ever wondered what type of gift you could get for that special someone? Recently, I was asked to carve a unique piece of fruit for a date. So I decided to grab a watermelon and honeydew, and carved…


Family Reunion in Terrace, BC

Watermelon Reunion Carving

Over the weekend, my extended family all went to Terrace, (a small town in the far northwest of BC, near the coast) for a reunion. We haven’t been to the town where I raised my two children and spent over…


Beginner’s Thai Fruit Carving Class in Hilo, Hawaii

First Thai Watermelon Carving

I’ve been back in Hilo, Hawaii, for the last couple of weeks, and after fun festivities to¬†celebrate¬†Independence Day this year, I gathered up a group of ladies for their first Thai fruit and vegetable carving class! We started with watermelons…


Independence Day in Hilo, Hawaii

Vodka Watermelon Carving

I’m back in Hilo, Hawaii for a visit with my friends, and made it just in time to celebrate US Independence Day with them. To do that, we had a party at one of my friend’s places and I created…


Thai Creations Featured in Taste of Life Magazine

Sam Chemko, Thai Creations, Taste of Life Magazine

Check out July’s issue of Taste of Life Magazine to see Sam Chemko and Thai Creations featured inside!