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Happy Mother’s Day Watermelon Carving

happy mothers day watermelon carving

Mother’s Day is coming up once again this Sunday, and to celebrate, I’ve carved a watermelon to wish all the mothers out there a wonderful day! To learn how to make a special Thai creation, contact me to register for…


Valentine’s Day Heart Carving

Heart and Floral Watermelon Fruit Carving

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Just want to wish all my lovely readers a fantastic day. Here is a special floral watermelon carving within the shape of a heart for you. Hope that you have a wonderful day filled with love…


Valentine’s Day Peacock Centerpiece

Valentine's Day Peacock Napkin and Watermelon Flower Carvings

Looking for something different to spice up your table this Valentine’s Day? I was experimenting with a few different things, and wanted to create a special heartfelt decoration for dinner with my loved one this year. First, I took a…


Advanced Carving Lessons in Thailand

I’m just about to wrap up another trip to Thailand, where I spent time with my carving teacher and mentor, Yui, in the beach town of Pattaya. We worked on fine-tuning my advanced fruit and vegetable carving skills further. I…


Fun Fruit Carving Inspirations from Hawaii

fruit tractor

One really great thing about being in Hilo, Hawaii, for part of this winter is the ability to have so much fruit on-hand to help provide inspiration for new fruit carving ideas. Being a tropical and beautiful place just like…