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Special Occasion Watermelon Carving

Watermelon Thai Fruit Carving

Have you ever wondered what type of gift you could get for that special someone? Recently, I was asked to carve a unique piece of fruit for a date. So I decided to grab a watermelon and honeydew, and carved…


Carved Watermelon Basket

Watermelon Carving

Last week, I posted some pictures of a watermelon carving that I did for my daughter’s birthday.  As mentioned in my post, I hollowed out the inside of the watermelon and filled it with some melon balls made out of…


Happy Birthday, Victoria!

Birthday Carving

Last weekend, my daughter celebrated her birthday.  The weather was perfect, so we had an outdoor BBQ on the patio with lots of friends, food and drinks.  I spent a few hours carving this watermelon for the occasion.   Not…


Pumpkin Rose Carving Birthday Cake

Pumpkin Carving Birthday Cake

Last week, it was my niece’s birthday, and to celebrate the occasion, we had a big meal and gathering with the family in Thailand. For dessert, I put together a decorated pumpkin cake, and carved some additional raw pumpkin into roses…


Thai Fruit Carvings at a Traditional Wedding

Watermelon Wedding Carving

Last weekend, I went to my niece’s traditional Thai wedding in Bangkok. Even after growing up in Thailand and living there for 25 years before moving to Canada, I’ve only been to one other wedding where they did some of…