Turkey Pumpkin Carving for Thanksgiving

This year, I decided to carve a turkey out of a fruit for a Thanksgiving dinner I went to with my family. For this particular centerpiece, I used a large pumpkin for the carving, and a little bit of food colouring as a finishing touch for the turkey’s waddle.

Turkey Pumpkin Fruit Carving

This particular creation took about 5 hours to carve, and was displayed on the beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table. It was meant to also serve as a fruit basket, and I used a small scoop to add in pieces of honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and watermelon within the pumpkin itself. To add some additional colour to the mix, there were strawberries, and small bunches of red and green grapes, chopped up into smaller portions for easy eating by everyone around the table.

We had a wonderful time at our dinner last night before heading back home today, where I will be for another week before returning to Vancouver for my final fruit and vegetable carving lesson for the year. After that point, I’ll be heading back to Thailand again for the winter.¬†Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone!

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