Beginner’s Thai Fruit Carving Class in Hilo, Hawaii

First Thai Watermelon Carving

I’ve been back in Hilo, Hawaii, for the last couple of weeks, and after fun festivities to celebrate Independence Day this year, I gathered up a group of ladies for their first Thai fruit and vegetable carving class!

We started with watermelons and had everyone learn the basics, such as how to prepare fruit, what fruit to choose, how to hold the carving knife properly, and key strokes to use. Then we dove right in and gave it a shot!

The Ladies Trying Their First Fruit Carving Class

Here is a look at what a couple attendees were able to put together after their first lesson!

Student with her First Thai Fruit Carving


Student with First Thai Watermelon Carving

It was a lot of fun with a great group of girls. Next time, we’ll get into more elaborate carving designs and additional types of fruits and vegetables!

Thai Carving Class in Hawaii

Thanks for the fun day!

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